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Cogswell College

Cogswell College, a cutting-edge institution in the heart of Silicon Valley, offers a project-based education lead by faculty with industry experience. Our innovative, team-oriented approach to learning features an array of classes that operate like professional studios and offer students an opportunity to complete projects contracted by Silicon Valley companies.

Located in Sunnyvale in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Cogswell College is an accredited 4-year institution of higher education with a curriculum that fuses art, engineering and entrepreneurship. It has a distinguished over 125-year history in California and has always been associated with best practice in the industries and communities it serves.

Cogswell College offers an intimate and stimulating academic environment that enables its students to earn a BA degree in Digital Art & Animation, Game Design Art or Digital Media Management or a BS degree in Digital Arts Engineering, Digital Audio Technology, Game Design Engineering or Software Engineering.

This combination of the digital arts, engineering, technology and entrepreneurship - along with a broad foundation in general education - means that Cogswell's students are prepared to move quickly into the converging global digital media industries, as well as into professions that are changing almost daily. Cogswell's academic approach is to deliver a project-based curriculum that emulates the collaborative, cross-discipline industry environment. Its project courses include Project X for animation students and Game Collaboration for game students. These classes bring together talented teams of artists, audio engineers and programmers to create finished games and animated short features.

Many Cogswell students have gone on to forge successful careers with many of the world's most renowned companies in the digital media and engineering fields. Some of these include 2K Sports, Adobe, Apple Computer, Cisco Systems, Cryptic Studios, Digidesign, Disney, Dolby Labs, Double Fine Productions, DreamWorks, Electronic Arts, Global VR/Ultracade, Intel, LucasArts, LucasFilm Animation, Microsoft Games Studios, Multiverse Network, Nickelodeon Animation Studio, PDI, Pixar, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Pictures Imageworks and THX.

Cogswell's faculty members, most of whom have strong industry experience and connections, work hard to provide the finest possible academic programs that encourage creativity and exploration. The administrative staff is committed to creating the best possible learning environment while Cogswell alumni provide assistance through internships, jobs, workshops and other bridges to industry.

These dedicated people work together within a learning environment that is small, specialized, personal, technologically advanced, and affordable. Students don't get lost at Cogswell College.

In addition to the esteemed faculty, staff, alumni and cutting-edge technology - Cogswell students mingle with an amazing group of classmates who are dedicated, hard-working, and gifted with stunning artistic and visionary talents. They continue to be a great source of inspiration.

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