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Veterinary Technician Schools - Animal Care/ Grooming

Have you always wanted to help animals or learn about veterinary science? Do you take an interest in animal care? We have created this animal care education page for you. Learn about some of the trade schools that provide a Veterinary Technicians education in this beneficial and exciting career caring for and helping animals. Veterinarians use the skills of veterinary technologists and technicians, who perform many of the same duties for a veterinarian that a nurse would for a physician, including routine laboratory and clinical procedures.

With the animal population increasing and the pet ownership on the rise, a career as an animal care specialist will not only give you job security but place you in a rewarding career helping people and their furry friends!

Check out a career in the veterinary animal care field today!

I am sorry there are no "Animal Care/Veterinary" Schools at this time.